Ceiling Suspended Laminar Air Flow

Clean air work station of cleanliness class 150-5 (Class - 100) Clean air required to protect products from particulate air contaminations. Create class 100 area on operation bed and reduce dust particles and infections in operation theater. These Minipleat HEPAfilterplenums suck fresh airfrom outside.Also available in recirculation type.

Feathers :

  • Light Intensity-300-500 Lux
  • Sound level — 65 db
  • Feather touch with auxiliary switch plate
  • Pressure drop indicator
  • Flow Control Damper
  • Power consumption 230V, AC Supply, Single phase 50Hz.
  • Available in different sizes as per requirement
  • PVC Curtain (Optional)

Applications : Pharmaceuticals, Food and Operation Theaters.

Testing Standards and Equipments
We have established complete in house testing setup as per lntemational standards.

  • Pre filter testing rig as perASHAPE 52.2
  • Clean Poom and clean room equipment testing as per US Federal 209E and ISO-14644

Fallowing test methods carried out for testing of PreiFine filter mediums.

  • Capacity of Filters vfs lnitial and Final Pressure drop.
  • Dust Holding Capacity

Fallowing test methods carried out for testing of HEPA/ULPA/Minipleat HEPA filters. Site clean rooms, clean room equipments and operation theater testing and validation.

  • Velocity test by using Anemometer
  • Filter lntegnty test by using ATI Make Aerosol Photometer and DOPIPAO generator.
  • Clean room validation by using Met One laser based particle counter.
  • Flow pattern test along with video shouting
  • HEPA Filtertesting as per IE8-PP-CC-002
  • Filter Efficiency test.
  • Efficiency of the filter in terms of Particle size.
  • Pressure drop test.
  • Area balancing, air flow and pressure gradient

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